NATALIE PRYOR CALL 9.30am-6.30pm 07545 146 863  01992 800 986 07545 146 863 'once a child has learnt to swim many other aquatic opportunities become available. swimming is a life skill that everybody should have the opportunity to learn!'? - learning to swim means children can go on to competitive swimming with a club or lifesaving, diving, synchronised swimming, water polo, canoeing, sailing, scuba diving etc etc!


I am very passionate about teaching children to swim. As a parent of 5 children aged 12,10,9,6 and 1 year i understand the difficulties facing parents and I believe that no child should be excluded because of cost. Swimming lessons can run into hundreds that has to be outlaid in advance for a 12 week term, add 2 children to the mix and you are looking at a large outlay in one go!

My swimming lessons are as low cost as i can possibly get them and we have very small class sizes!Our very first beginner class has just 4 CHILDREN, our confident beginners have a MAX 5 CHILDREN and intermediate and advanced classes have a max of 6 children per class to offer an excellent service in the safest possible environment. Many teaching establishments will allow 10 children to a class and still charge higher prices....................  Our baby classes have slightly different ratios as there is an adult acting in an assistant capacity alongside each child under 3.5/4 (parents, grandparents, aunties/uncles and siblings over 16 are all welcome to come into our baby and toddler classes) Our baby and toddler classes have a maximum of 10 adults with their baby/toddler and this works well for group dynamics. Our group sizes match those of other swim schools but at a much lower cost. If you have a group of friends and you would like a small class for just you please give me a call as this can be arranged with class costings adjusted for this. Please contact me if you need any help. I have 4 children myself and understand any difficulty you can throw at me and i will do my best to help! If you need to pay in instalments that is fine - I WANT TO HELP YOU AND YOUR CHILD/REN!!!!!! And it is all in the strictest of confidence.

Another pet peeve of mine is that your 5 year old is having their lessons having great fun (or older) and your younger child has to sit and watch them! Well, no problem, at the same time the older child is having their lesson you can be in the water with the younger child doing age appropriate activities with them. We sing songs which promote water confidence and introduce the early concept of swimming to give them a head start when their time comes, and with sibling discount you can save on lessons for your bubba! Please note that for the adult and child classes you must have another over 16yr old in the water to hold/support the child and act in an assistant capacity. WHAT NEXT: Choose a day and time - print and send in booking form. Alternatively ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL email or phone and if you want a booking form sent then just email me and ask
?By taking your babies and children swimming you are teaching them to love the water and you will reap the benefits too, it is a bonding experience swimming with your children and so much fun!
The Importance of Physical Education!?
Develops pupils' physical competence and confidence, and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities It promotes physical skillfulness, physical development and a knowledge of the body in action. It provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive and to face up to difficult challenges as individuals, in groups and teams It promotes positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles Pupils learn how to think in different ways to suit a variety of creative, competitive and challenging activities. Pupils learn how to plan, perform and evaluate actions, ideas and performance to improve their quality and effectiveness Through this process pupils discover their aptitude, abilities and preferences to make choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity
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